Panna meena ka kund (Step Well)

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee
Timings: All Time Open
Address: Amer, Rajasthan 302028
Phone No: N/A
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Panna meena ka kund (Step Well)

In Jaipur Panna meena ka kund was constructed during sixteenth century. This place is situated near Anokhi Museum at Jaipur-Amar road. The place was mainly utilized as a place of social meetings. People from nearby places come here for getting water, swimming or just to hang out with their loved ones. It is also known as Panna Mian ki Baoli and Panna Miyan ka Kund. The place beautifully reflects the combination of nature and religion. The main attraction of the plain is its symmetrical step walls. Pieces of Octagonal shaped are used in the core of the Kund and terrace on two floors. The stairs are in zigzag geometrical pattern which leave the visitors charmed.


  • mridul - 2018/01/01
    Best place for picnic with family

  • firoz - 2017/12/11
    Ultimate architecture design

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